Barbar Motor Clarifies Media Reports…Threatens To Sue EPA

The Management of Barbar Motors Incorporated has sharply reacted to recent reports provided by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), claiming that their company illegally smuggled highly contaminated refrigeration and air-conditioning gases into the country.

Speaking to journalists yesterday in Monrovia, the Acting Manager of Barbar Motors, Mr. Sam Saryon, disclosed that the EPA misled the Liberian people by not providing the entirety of what actually transpired between Barbar Motors and them.

Mr. Saryon termed the EPA’s claims as complete falsehood and failure on their part to properly dispense their function as an environmental protective body, given the lack of professionalism demonstrated in the discharge of their duty.

According to the Barbar Motors Management, the alleged contaminated gases were brought into the country through the Freeport of Monrovia during which time relevant government’s divisions responsible for inspection were present and therefore provided clearances.

He stated further that when the products first arrived in the country the shipment passed through the proper procedure and the company had documents to that effect, stressing “not only does the company have documents for importation of the products but EPA’s staff inspected them and gave the go-ahead for the products to be sold on the Liberian market.” He thereby termed the EPA’s claims as mere allegation intending to tarnish their hard-earned reputation.

Earlier, it was reported that the Management of Barbar Motors allegedly smuggled contaminated refrigeration and air-conditioning gases into the country. The EPA in a press conference claimed that those gases have been confiscated while a fine was issued.

Reacting to the EPA’s assertions, Barbar Motors claimed that officials from EPA illegally conducted a search at its warehouse without any warrant from the court and forcibly took away the very gas they cleared few months ago.

“The EPA deliberately went into our warehouse without a warrant and took away some US$100,000 of refrigeration and air conditioning gases, claiming that the products were internationally banned,” Barbar Motors said.

Mr. Saryon said that the EPA later fined them US$5000, an amount according to him they paid under duress. He indicated that up to present, the EPA is still in possession of their products without providing single evidence that the products were banned internationally.

“Even our overseas partners have assured us that the products were not contaminated and that they are been used in Europe and other parts of the world. In fact, we were shocked to hear search information coming out of the EPA, after they (EPA) have failed to prove beyond all unreasonable doubts that the products are highly contaminated,” Barbar Motors added.

Meanwhile, the management of Barbar Motors has threatened to take legal action against the EPA for illegally confiscating their products and allegedly extorting US$5000 from them.

“The court is the only place that will decide this case. The EPA must clearly state to us what the exact reasons are for confiscating our products. In fact, when the EPA came they informed us that the products that were taken would be returned; unfortunately, they took our products for contrary reason,” the company further stated.

Barbar Motors said, “Our point of contention is that we want the EPA to return our products as well as the US$5000 fine. If that product has been banned, it is within the domain of the EPA to make public notations that such product has been banned internationally and that any company caught selling them on the Liberian market will be dealt with according to the laws. They were not to take the laws into their hands. The fined that was imposed on the company must be returned and the seized products returned”.