We Support The Effort On Mental Health

IN AN EFFORT to adequately address mental health issues in Liberia, the Carter Center Mental Health Training Program, aimed at stimulating the country’s health system after the fourteen years of civil unrest has graduated additional 23 mental health clinicians marking the sixth class of trained clinicians who will help to improve the access to much needed mental health services in Liberia.

THE CARTER CENTER Mental Health Training program ran for six months to provide adequate and quality information and education to clinicians on various ways of dealing with people living with mental illness or epilepsy because they (mentally ill people) have always been stigmatized and discriminated in the Liberian society.

THESE GRADUATES HAVE joined 100 previously trained and credentialed local mental health clinicians practicing in all 15 counties in Liberia, working largely in primary care clinics and hospitals.

THERE ARE MEDICAL treatments and psychosocial supports provided for people living with mental illness for which the mental health clinicians are trained.

WE WELCOME THE effort being made by the Cater Center and the Ministry of Health & Social Welfares to adequately address mental health issues in the country because over the years no attention has been given to people who are mentally in or word, they have been forgotten about.

WHILE WE WELCOME this initiative on the part of the Cater Center, we are at the same time calling on the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health to train more mental health clinicians in order to foster and sustain the advocacy against discriminations, stigmatizations and to provide adequate health care for people living with mental illness in the country.

THE EFFORT IS indeed a worthy cause being undertaking Cater Center and therefore, must be supported by Liberians themselves and other partners so as to give care to these people who are considered as destitute in the society.