Girl, 14, Undergoes Successful Surgery

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

Josephine Graham, now 14, believed to have mistakenly swallowed caustic soda solution for clear water at age 3, has undergone a successful dilatation in her throat at the Firestone Health Service during the weekend thereby returning her to normal life.     The case with Josephine who has a humble background seemed a mystery while being attended to by doctors having heard her case that 11 years ago she had been suffering from the effects of a substance which had made it quite impossible for her to eat as normal persons would or swallow anything solid.

Josephine, who appeared very well in health, took the doctors by surprise when she explained how she had lived on soft food like cereals and soft rice and would throw out whenever she attempted to eat the rice prepared with soup or anything outside her diet that she desired.

Now, that is not the case; Josephine was dilated on Thursday and since then she has been able to eat rice and doctors have not prescribed anything contrary for her diet except that she has to be observed and might return to the hospital for observation and check-up from time to time but apparently after a long period.

Mr. Elijah Graham, Josephine’s grandfather, seeing his grand-daughter well again said his spirit has been made alive again because Josephine is his heart and if she had not gone through that successful operation, he (Graham) would have undoubtedly caused his death.

Mr. Graham, himself in his late 70s and a struggling father and grandfather of several children, praised God for those who helped him by listening to his cause especially the unnamed philanthropist and all those who supported them and also asked that God helps them in whatever they put their hands on doing. “May God help them and their descendents as it is the same God who will do the same for them in their times of needs,” Mr. Graham expressed.

Sometime in January, Mr. Graham took Josephine to the Tappita Hospital where an x-ray was conducted and she was informed about her situation and what damage the injection of the caustic had caused. According to Mr. Graham the doctors warned him that if nothing was done before March, the damaged would have increased and might cost her life. Upon receiving that result, Mr. Graham immediately ran to the media seeking help for his darling grand-daughter. After reading the story in the INQUIRER newspaper, a philanthropist issued a check to underwrite Josephine’s medical bills, a gesture which has brought relief to her and the entire Graham family.