Efficient Logistics Clarifies Contract With NEC

Efficient Logistics Clarifies Contract With NEC

Efficient Logistics Services, a 100 percent Liberia-owned logistics firm has responded to recent attacks in the media about its ongoing contract with the National Elections Commission (NEC) that was awarded on January 16, 2014.

Recent media reports have suggested that the procurement processes used by the NEC were fraudulent. and that these reports have attempted to tarnish the impeccable reputation of Efficient Logistics by implying a form of illegal conspiracy. Efficient Logistics has therefore vehemently refuted these allegations and warned the media and other perpetrators that further unsubstantiated allegation may lead to law suits for defamation and/or libel.

In a press issued in Monrovia on Friday, Efficient logistics clarified that the Logistics contract for transportation of Voter’ registration update material was obtained through a transparent procurement process that adhered to PPCC regulations. NEC placed the bid in the newspapers as required by law for six weeks. The processes of bid opening, evaluation, and selection of a vendor were carried out by NEC also in accordance with PPCC guidelines.

The publisher and other detractors should know that Efficient Logistics has a record of administering this type of conduct, and in fact it was Efficient Logistics that performed the same service under the UNDP contract arrangement and supervision for the 2011 elections.

The release stated that no one questioned Efficient Logistics then and there were no complaints from the press or the civil societies.

In a Climate where Liberian-owned companies are known to be competitive with foreign counterparts in the logistics sector, Efficient Logistics has had a distinguished record. Those wanting information or clarification are advised to contact both the PPCC and NEC for information on the procurement process leading to the award of the contract, the release concluded.