Contractor Complains Vertu Humanitarian

A local Contractor, Mr. Victor Jalarue, has complained a construction company, Vertu Humanitarian Construction Inc. for refusing to settle his full payment after working for the company for seven months.

Mr. Jalarue who walked into the offices of The INQUIRER Monday morning alleged that since the completion of his contract he has not received his balanced US$1830.00 and was even insulted by the company’s Manager, Rema Fawaz who told him (Victor) to get out of her sight when he requested for his money.

A copy of the contractual agreement entered into on the 3rd of July 2013 by and between Vertu Humanitarian Construction Incorporated represented by its authorized officer, Rema Fawaz through her representative Mr. Abraham K. Massalley states that the Ministry of Education as a Donor contracted the Vertu Humanitarian Construction Incorporated to carry on a project at a cost for the people of Gbarzon, Careysburg District.

According to the contract sheet, Mr. Jalarue was contracted to manage the affairs of Vertu Humanitarian Construction Company construction site as Site Manager for the sole purpose of managing, supervising and monitoring for the duration period of the contract.

The agreement also stated that Mr. Jalarue was hired by Vertu Humanitarian Construction Incorporated a proposal which Mr. Jalarue consented and accepted.

According to the document, both parties agreed to hire Mr. Victor Jalarue and he accepted to take the responsibilities for the management of the Company’s Project Site, subject to the terms and conditions set for as well as the General Condition of the Donor, Ministry of Education; that the agreed cost for the completion of his mandate amounts to US$2,750.00 (two thousand Seven Hundred fifty dollars United States Dollars); and that the parties herein agreed that the hired period shall have duration of four (4) months which period shall commence on the July 3rd, A.D. 2013 and end 3 day of November 2013.

The document further stated the payment terms that the Contractor Shall receive 15% of the agreed value of the contract at the commencement of the project. Upon the completion of the foundation the Contractor would receive 30% of the total value of the contract; upon the completion of the super structure the contractor would receive 30% and after the completion of the roofing and plastering he shall receive 15% and 10% retention for three months.

But according to Mr. Jalarue, since the end of the contract and even the three months retention, Miss Fawaz has refused to settle his last payment. He said the first amount given to him was US$420, second, US$300 and last, US$200 which amounts to the total of US$920.00 respectively.

Mr. Jalarue said he worked for the company for the construction of a school campus comprising of 12 buildings in Harbel, Margibi County but the receiving of his balance payment has become a problem as the Manager is not willing to settle him.

Jalarue is again calling on Miss Fawaz and her associates to settle her payment as his family is depending on him to survive and that without money he can’t do anything to sustain his family.

Meanwhile, several attempts to contact Miss Fawaz and Mr. Massalley proved futile as both of them refused to speak to the writer of this story. Immediately upon speaking to Mr. Jalarue, our reporter contacted Madam Fawaz to respond to the allegation but she promised to call back in few minutes but did not do so.

On Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, the Inquirer again contacted Miss. Fawaz but her phone rang endlessly without any response.