West African Enterprise Booked…for Selling rotten food

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) has indicted the West African Enterprise for storing rotten commodities unsafe for human consumption. The discovery was made during  the MOCI regular inspection routine.

According to the Director of Information Services at the MOCI, Mitchell Jones, the Ministry began inspections few days ago of some of some six frozen food areas in Monrovia. Director Jones said that inspectors on the field noticed that the West African Enterprise had frozen chicken and other goods within its stockpile that were rotten and spoilt.

He continued that the ministry would not relent in taking the safety of Liberians as first priority. However the manager of West African Enterprises, Emanuel Amoah, said that inspectors that came to the company did not find any rotten goods, but tried to exploit the company.

Mr. Amoah said that West African Enterprise’s goods passed through series of inspections before they came to them. He listed BIVAC, customs and commerce inspectors.

He concluded that as the oldest frozen food company in the country they have a reputation to uphold their good reputation and it is sad that the Commerce Ministry would be the one ‘to try to tear that long standing good relationship with the public down’.