GreenLife Africa Launches Agro Initiative

A new agriculture initiative has been launched in Liberia with hope of striving to excel in the development of agricultural programs that focus on providing permanent solutions to the people of Liberia while establishing immeasurable and long-lasting grounds.

GLA is a holistic agro-economic entity which has been established to meet the agricultural needs of rural Liberia, empowering individuals and communities by maximizing agricultural proficiency and collective productivities.

While its initial focus is to increase agricultural productivity, tangential concerns to include potable and healthy drinking water which could be improved by setting up hand pumps in and around neighboring communities and strong education for children and adults as GreenLife Africa is also involved in teaching about the benefits and techniques of agriculture.

Speaking to reporters in  Monrovia, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GreenLife Africa (GLA), Mr. Beyan Tarpeh Doe, said GLA will make available highly demanded and affordable agricultural produce staple crops to locales, decreasing hunger as well as tools and educational support for poor local farmers in Liberia.

According to Mr. Doe, GLA operates through the dedication of a volunteer management team donating hours, expertise and resources as well as demonstrating their own values of dedication, honesty, integrity and professionalism for the benefit of agricultural development.

“GreenLife Africa (GLA) helps provide low income individuals and families with the fuel to survive and even thrive. Our network members supply resources to several Liberians each year, including children and seniors. In addition to the aforesaid, our mission is to reach out to Liberians in need through a nationwide network,” Mr. Doe indicated.

“GLA objectives are to support and provide agriculture/farming education, prevent community deterioration in terms of food and resource supply; combat unemployment within neighborhoods; provide programs to assist those in need of food and close the gap by creating a strong foundation geared towards getting wholesome staples to millions of people,” the GLA founder further disclosed.

When asked about some of its programs in Liberia, Mr. Doe disclosed by saying, “Our first project operation is in February 2014 in Liberia and it is focused on growing cassava and yam. The trend in Cassava production as seen in various charts indicates significant increase every 12 years across the globe particularly in tropical regions (Africa), thus our production plan is expected to be outstanding.”

GreenLife Africa is also registered in the United States with similar focus attached. Additionally, GreenLife Africa is established to help communities in Liberia to help themselves through education, training, accessible equipment, food storage, and strong partnerships.

Among their main focus is to increase existing opportunities and to build a better agricultural system that would reach the less privileged communities. Its purpose is to teach and demonstrate a better way to grow, harvest and store large quantities of food to help local Liberians while efforts will be expanded through partnerships with existing governmental and non-governmental NGO’s programs.

Speaking on further operations of GreenLife Africa, Mr. Doe narrated that in Liberia and in the United States of America, they would organize meetings with potential partners connecting government agencies, NGOs and private companies that are involved with food, agriculture and hospitality so as to provide education to Liberian farmers on more efficient crop production and will offer access to equipment, food storage and markets respectively. Farmers and businesses participating in GreenLife Africa will see stable and sustainable economic benefits.

“Liberia is noted for cash crops and crop production. It is the world’s largest producer of rubber and produces large quantities of cocoa, coffee and rice, but rural farmers generally are neither producing adequate food to feed themselves, nor are they generating a viable income for their families,” Mr. Doe added.

GLA has been working on a 50-acre of land, while they have already begun working with 2 major farmers and 12 additional farmers as cooperators in Liberia. Initial crops included cassava, corn, vegetables and beans. The initial year resulted in increased productivity and increased income for participants.

At the same time, GreenLife Africa and its partners have acquired over US$50,000 in farm equipment.

In conclusion, Mr. Doe averred that their goal is to continue the program with current participants and to increase the number of farmers and cooperators.

“Our holistic development will include adult and youth education, more economic opportunities for more farmers, access to new technology, learning managerial skills and increased partnerships to insure success. The project will be documented with the number of farmers, total acres involved, yields, and an estimation of profits and increased availability of food for families,” Mr. Doe intimated. visit us @