LBS Workers Union Renews Commitment

The Leadership of the LBS Workers Union has reassured its colleagues of its commitment to continue its advocacy for the improvement of their welfare and good working environment at the state run broadcaster

The leadership of the LBS workers Union said, it is taking the tripartite approach that will yield fruitful results for the general work force of LBS.

The tripartite approach according to the leadership will create room for both the workers through its leadership and the management of the system to negotiate and reach a logical conclusion, expressing the hope that workers will get salary increment

The LBS Workers Union leadership said, in order for the tripartite approach to work, it requires the support of the entire work force.

The LBS Workers Union Leadership has also promised to uphold the integrity of the body by speaking against any form of bad labor practices.

It however, promised to constructively engage the management in its campaign.

At the same time, the LBS workers union is calling on the Liberia labor congress to prevail on the ministry of labor to address the current wave of labor issues in the country.

The union also drew attention to the delay in the passage of the decent work bill which it said when passed into law will help address some of the issues of labor unrest.

It wants the decent work bill speedily passed into law by the National Legislature.

At the same time, the LBS Workers Union observed, that the labor unrest by health workers in the country has the propensity to create chaos in the country if not handled with care.

The Union believes that the Labor congress has the requisite international power to stop all labor problems in the country.

The LBS Workers Union also disclosed that Labor violation is been carried out at several work places across the country without the intervention of the Labor ministry.

LIBSWU believes that the current strike action by health workers across the country may have claimed the lives of un-counted number of individuals across the country.