Vehicle Inspection Strangulates Commuters…As Many Walk To Work, School and Business Places

By Varney K. Sirleaf

The Ministry of Transport and the Liberia National Police yesterday started a joint process on motor vehicle registration in the country.

According to reports gathered from the field yesterday, many persons were stranded and seen walking to their work places, schools and business sites because of the decrease in the number of commercial vehicles in traffic.

Hundreds of commuters from Duala, New Georgia Junction, Bardnersville Junction and LPRC Junction on the Somalia Drive spent hours on the road to board cars to their various destinations; something which caused some of them to go back home.

Some of the commuters told this paper that several taxi drivers complained about the registration process, specifically the third party Motor Insurance Policy introduced by the government.  Others said that the public was not adequately educated on the Insurance issue which caused even drivers who have obtained their license and documents to park their cars yesterday, only to learn that the insurance process will be enforced in two weeks.

For their part, some of the taxi drivers narrated that the cause of the delay in their registration process is the result of government adding a third party insurance to the already US200 they are paying for vehicle registration.

They said to pay US$500 to register a commercial taxi will weaken lots of taxi owners something they said will have a trickledown effect on them (the drivers).

Others said when such a huge amount is paid; the passengers should definitely expect a rise in transportation fare. They stated further that the government should revisit the stance taken in order to at least reduce the amount from US$500 to a reasonable and affordable amount.

It was also observed yesterday that some taxi drivers were using police officers to go through the various check points without being inspected by police officers assigned at various check points; while other commercial drivers did not do any commercial activities yesterday because of the inspection.