Owing To Confusion In Bordering Town: More Ivorians Crossing Over…County Authorities Concerned

Report emanating from the sisterly Republic of Cote d’Ivoire says fighting has broken out in that country as thousands of Ivorian refugees are said to be crossing over to Liberia for safety.

According to information received from the Liberian, Ivorian Border, the fighting has intensified near Nyanken, in Webo Karoken District, River Gee County. Our information revealed that Ivorian fighters have launched fresh attack inside Cote d’Ivoire in a town known as Glabo near the Liberian, Ivory Coast border.

Report says Liberian security forces stationed at the border are faced with serious logistical problem as they have no vehicle to patrol the border. The fighting has caused hundreds of women and children to cross over to Liberia to seek refuge.

Meanwhile, some Liberians spoken to expressed fear over the situation as there are several crossing points to Liberia which are vulnerable. They are calling on the Liberian authority to beef up its security along the borders by immediately deploying them at those points to avoid any eventuality.

When contacted, the Superintendent of the county, Daniel Johnson confirmed the crossing over of many Ivorian refugees. He said up to press time about 200 Ivorian refugees have crossed into Liberia. He said reports reaching him indicated that there are 21 refugees in Nyenken and 166 in Webbo Karoken.

The Superintendent pointed out that the situation is of serious concern to the county authorities in the face of the lack of logistics for the local security. He said many are afraid that the situation might reach Liberia, if nothing is done to reinforce and equip the various security apparatus at the border.

Supt. Johnson said the county security monitoring committee is also involved in observing the situation, but stressed that they also need support. He said so far, there is no report of death on the Liberian side, but reports indicate that there have been deaths on the Ivorian side.

Speaking also to this paper yesterday from the county, the County Attorney of Rivergee, Atty Wesseh Wesseh, confirmed the presence of thousands of Ivorian refugees in Liberia. Officials of the county have expressed serious concern over the renewed fighting in Cote d’Ivoire.

Due to the ongoing situation along the Liberian, Ivoirian border, Atty. Wesseh has urged the Liberian Government to send in more troops to protect the citizens and the incoming refugees.