No Stationery For Courts in Maryland, Grand Kru

By Lewis Verdier

It has been disclosed that courts operating in Maryland and Grand Kru Counties lack stationeries and other logistics to enable the staff execute their duties professionally.

Some of the clerks who spoke to this Paper in separate statements this week explained that the courts lack ledgers, computers and other important office materials, something that is hampering their work.

A Magistrate of the Pleebo Magisterial Court, Boyee Mah complained that the lack of logistics at the Court is also preventing them from getting pre-trial detainees from one point to the next.

According to him, they get frustrated when Sheriffs and bailiffs walk several miles from one village to the next as well as towns to carry out their assignments due to the lack of vehicles or bikes.

In another development, the Magistrates in Maryland and Grand Kru Counties have commended the James A. A. Pierre Judicial Institute and the Temple of Justice for building their capacity of clerks in those counties, through the skills training program.

One of the clerks, E. Portee Broh stated that they have acquired some new techniques that will enhance their work and enable them improve in the execution of their duties.

Clerk Moses Greenfield,from the Probate Court expressed satisfaction that they have acquired skills to know how to file, label cases and to prepare other documents.