Girl, 14 Needs US$2,300 To Survive

Girl, 14 Needs US$2,300 To Survive

By Melissa Chea-Annan

A 14-year old girl, Josephine Graham, is dying slowly and if nothing is urgently done by philanthropists to pay her surgical bill of US$2,300, her father may lose her.

Little Josephine who was mistakenly given caustic soda solution for clear water to drink at age three by her neighbors, has been advised by Medical Doctors at the Jackson F. Doe Regional Referral Hospital in Tappita to undergo a major operation on March 25, 2014 to enable her live longer.

The 14-year old victim who was accompanied to the offices of The INQUIRER yesterdayby her father, Elijah Graham lamented that she has dropped out of school due to unbearable pains she experiences daily. According to little Josephine, a 1st grade student of the Mardea Kemah Elementary School in Bensonville,  whenever she is in pain in class, her throat would start to groan and make ‘funny’ sounds, something she said that most often distracted the class. “Whenever I am in pain and my throat starts talking, the teacher, Sis. Mabel can tell me to go outside because I am disturbing,” she explained.

Little Josephine, whose good appearance doesn’t show any sign of her illness said in a faint voice, “Anytime I start to feel pains, Sis. Mabel can say, I am just pretending to be sick, and then she can be talking to me to go home,” she lamented.

The caustic soda victim explained that she doesn’t eat well because she has acute sore throat and therefore eats Quaker Oats and Corn meal because she finds it difficult to eat solid food.

Mr. Graham explained that since the incident occurred about 11 years ago to date; he has struggled in his weak ways with his meagre salary to ensure that she be treated at the hospital, since he was employed with the EXECOM Security Firm.

The sorrowful looking father, a resident of Fendell, who displayed all of the X-Ray results and other medical papers with lots of inscriptions on them said that he is now out of job and that he cannot afford the amount that the doctors are requesting to carry out the operation for his daughter.

Mr. Graham further stated that doctors at the Jackson F. Doe Hospital have assured him that once the money is made available, the operation on her heart and lungs will be carried out in Liberia.

“I don’t want my daughter to die; that is why I came to this office for help. I know that somebody will help to save my daughter’s life. I am begging the people to come to the aid of my daughter,” the father said in a sad tone and added, “Right now; I have no medicine to sustain her until March 25, three days before the operation. If I don’t provide that operation money, my daughter will die.”

According to the concerned father, contributions can be channeled through the Managing Editor of The INQUIRER, Philip N. Wesseh on cell # 088-6-516-533 or 088-6-524-580.