Mineral Water Price Swelling

Mineral Water Price Swelling

Over the weekend the price of mineral water increased due to the shortage of fuel in the country.

Speaking with employees at some of the mineral water factories, The INQUIRER was told that those who are selling mineral water for LD$10.00 are stealing from the public.

An employee (name withheld) of the Ducor Safe Drinking water said the only difficulty they have had was the shortage of fuel in the country but that did not stop them from producing water. According to the employee they did not increase the price of the sack of water because it is still the same price (LD$80.00).

Some vendors of cold water in shops and along the road told this paper that most of them are still selling water for LD$5.00 while a handful of unscrupulous people are selling water for LD$10.00. When asked why they were selling water for LD#10.00 per bag; they simply said that the current fuel shortage with the hike in the price of gasoline, they are therefore compelled to sell their water at any price.

A lady who sells cold water at the corner of Broad and Johnson Streets said because ice price has also increased; that is why she is selling her water one for LD$10.00. Linda Barchue said from where she always purchases ice, the lady has increased the ice price attributing it to the current price increase in fuel.

For her part, Grace Mason said she is still selling water for LD$5.00 because the prices of sacks of water and ice have not changed. She said those who are selling water for LD$10.00 are just bent on stealing from the public.