Barrolle’s Saga Quieting Down…Aggrieved Parties Calming Down On Pres. Resignation

By Edwin G. Wandah

The ongoing saga within one of Liberia’s traditional clubs, Mighty Barrolle, has quiet down at least, with parties accusing the President Julia Duncan Cassel’s leadership’s resignation, slowing down on their demands.

In 2013, Gender and Development Minister, Julia Duncan Cassel who is also President of Mighty Barrolle came under serious criticism from people who claimed that the lady has not done enough to raise the image of Barrolle.

Another serious criticism came from Grand Bassa County, where most of the citizens believe, the then President, Madam Julia Duncan Cassel’s intention to re-locate the headquarters of Barrolle from Buchannan in Grand Bassa County, to Monrovia, was a unilateral decision that does not meet the approval of the Board.

“Madam Julia Duncan Cassel is still our President; we respect her to the highest, my brother, things sometimes happen and people have to get on their feet and focus ahead, because, Barrolle is bigger than everyone of us,   Madam Cassel, the fans and even the Board Members,” Patrick Deh stated.

“For me, I believe Madam Cassel was not the problem, the lady’s leadership is one that has brought pride to Barrolle; there is hatred everywhere, even in the Church, you read in the Holy Bible Jesus Christ was persecuted and crucified for no reason, I pray that this lady remains as a President for life until we can get someone better than all those claiming that they are better than her,” Patricia Brown intimated.