West Oil, Total Bring In Fuel Oil

The recent shortage of fuel in Liberia has been solved by two of the country’s main importers of oil, West Oil and Total-Liberia.

West Oil and Total over the weekend, brought in 6,000 metric tons of fuel on board a vessel known as MV Pantalena. According to the two major importers of oil in the country, the consignment is expected to last for at least three months.

The fuel crisis in the past weeks brought some economic hardship thus, delaying the Liberia Electricity (LEC) which many consumers depend on for their daily operation of their businesses. Also affected by the fuel shortage in Liberia were hospitals, clinics, banking institutions, supermarkets, government institutions as well as other important places in the country.

The fuel crisis which lasted for nearly two weeks led to the increase in prices of basic commodities on the Liberian market and transportation cost across the country.

According to sources closed to the operation of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC), the entity has allowed certain importers to lift from other importers stock without the knowledge of those who own the stock on grand that the LPRC is the one charged with the responsibility of regulating the Petro Storage Terminal (PST).

Our source said this led to the shortage of fuel on the Liberian market. Our sources also said on paper at the LPRC is a fuel reserve of 1,600,000 fuel gallons but same could not be assessed due to the LPRC’s habit of giving out other importers stock.

The fuel crisis seriously affected all spectrums of the country including hospitals; that include the Catholic owned hospital in Monrovia, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, banking institutions, media houses and other businesses operating in the country.