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PIC Graduates 17 In Marketing Insurance

y Victor C. Hanson,Jr.

The PALM Insurance Corporation (PIC) over the week end graduated 17 students in the study of insurance marketing to assist in upgrading insurance within the country.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, under the theme ‘how to be successful in a competitive market ‘held at PIC office on Gurley Street in Monrovia, PIC Board Chair, Aagon F. Tingba, Jr. told graduates to be very proud of themselves for accomplishing their goal as they have the full representation of everyone who started the training, and no one was exempted, and so shall it be that everyone contributes in making PIC second to none.

PIC Board Chair, Tingba, pointed out that  graduation is one of those steps in life that defines a coming of an age ending  one’s era of life, as a student or the one being shown the ropes, and moving on to a new stage in which one is a leader, and an achiever.

Mr. Tingba acknowledged that trainers, Mr. Seinesee, Karnswen, Mrs. Daapoh and Ms. Dean, the CEO of PIC for the support in molding the minds of these marketing agents-men and women that are joining PALM’s family in making it the number one Insurance Company in the country.

Mr. Tingba added that life doesn’t usually follow the plans one may lay out for themselves, and that they will all experience the highs and lows of life, the difficult and the easy and unfortunately, there may sometimes be times of too many difficulties and just not enough smooth sailing but the true success will be defined by how one handles both of these times, and if one is trained to be a marketing agent, then he or she would undoubtedly be the one of the best in the country.

Mr. Tingba among other things said that one might not get the first or second or even third sales for PALM during the first or second time they meet a potential client but the most important thing is they have already taken the initial step needed to build a more promising future for them and the institution.

He concluded that they (graduates) have been armed with one of the most important tools needed to forge their path ahead as a marketing agent, and it’s not the certificate itself that counts but it is about what has been learnt along the way, and what they do with the training acquired.



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