Lauding The Children’s Festival

ON SATURDAY, A  Canadian delegation from the ‘Make a Mark International’ organized a Fun Festival for children residing in Slipway and its environs. The Festival, which was the first of its kind brought together over 1000 children.

DURING THE FESTIVAL, the children were taught new games by their Canadian supervisors and they were also afforded the opportunity to take memorable photos in foreign costumes, with different kinds of styles.

THE FUN FESTIVAL was also characterized with the teaching of God’s word and a time for questions and answers. During the Festival, there was a special health team who provided health care for ailing kids, something that made the Festival more unique. At the end of the Festival, the Canadian delegation distributed assorted gifts worth over US$11,000 to every child that attended the Festival.

WE COMMEND THE Canadian delegation for taking up this initiative and we believe that the Fun Festival is a good initiative that could be carried out most often because having fun is an added advantage to children’s happiness and good up-bringing. In our culture these days, when it comes to kids, people just don’t think about happiness enough, perhaps due to the hardship and frustration they encountered in caring for the children and the too many workload they are faced with.

WE HAVE COME to understand that there are too many secrets to making children happy and three of those are getting the children to eat on time and regularly, making them to feel loved and of course making them to sometimes having fun through recreations.

WHEN KIDS KNOW that their parents love and support them no matter what, they are more likely to take healthy risks because they are confident and secured in their decisions. They learn that sometimes people make mistakes, but there is always a chance to do the right thing. The children ever feel happy when they know that their parents will always be there for them, for better or for worse.

WE ARE THEREFORE calling on the Government to buttress the efforts of the Canadian delegation in ensuring that the Fun Festival be held if not quarterly, at least twice a year and this Festival should be carried out throughout the country.

IT IS OFTEN said that all works without play makes ‘Jack’ a dull boy; that is why having Fun Festival for children throughout the country is necessary and this we believe will put smiles on the faces of our children and motivate them to work harder with a hope of participating in the Festival.