Gd. Gedeh Supt Refutes Reports Against Logging Companies

Grand Gedeh County Superintendent, Peter Solo, has refuted information against some logging companies operating in the county.

In a release issued recently in Monrovia, Supt. Solo said, “It is important by this statement to categorically refute and disclaim the information that the logging companies have failed to comply with the community rights laws as a framework for forest management. My attention is studiously captivated by the numerous attempts to undermine the operations of logging companies in Grand Gedeh County. This decision by the Global Witness, SDI, etc., has elicited enormous amount of discontentment by the citizenry of Grand Gedeh County especially the youths who are beneficiaries from the logging sector of the County.”

Mr. Solo said while it is true that post war Liberia economy is well underway for recovery and that the government is enthusiastic for direct forest investment in the economy; they are quite cognizant of the fact that absolutely no company that has got a license or concession with the Government of Liberia to operate in Grand Gedeh County that willfully and deliberately choose to circumvent the legal framework that regulates the sector concerned such as the logging sector.

He added that the county administration of Grand Gedeh has been proactive in monitoring the activities of the logging companies that have purportedly been accused of not operating in the confines of the contract signed with the government especially in adherence to corporate social responsibilities.

He, among other things noted that there has been no formal complaint from the impacted communities or the forest management committee or other related bodies, except those unscrupulous individual(s) being manipulated by external forces for their personal aggrandizement and leaving the faith of those they claimed to advocate for in an absolute jeopardy.