Canadian Delegation Identifies With Slipway Children

By Melissa Chea-Annan

Over one thousand children from the Slipway Community and its environs received assorted gifts items over the weekend from a Canadian based Organization named “Make A Mark International”.    The 11-man delegation that is presently visiting the country distributed gifts worth over US$ 11,000 to the children at the end of a day-long fun festival that was intended to put smiles on their faces.

During the fun festival, which took place on the Slipway Field in Monrovia, the kids were placed into separate groups, while their supervisors taught them new games as well as guided them on the right path to follow. The children, in a rather joyous mood were seen playing the ‘Eggs Game,’ at which time, each child ran with an egg in a spoon from one point to the next.

Other kids were seen taking photos in foreign costumes, while others were involved in jumping rope, playing football and the ‘Ring and Cloth Game,’ where one person would be placed in the middle of the ring with a cloth as the rest of the children chanted songs. At the other end of the Slipway Field, some of the children were involved in different kinds of games while another group was busy listening to series of Bible stories and answering questions for prizes.

Madam Sandra Gill, head of the delegation who is visiting the country for the third time expressed satisfaction for the turnout and said she is glad to identify with the Liberian children. Madam Gill said that she was touched after listening to stories that were told by Liberians, as they relate to the crisis. She reiterated that the organization will do all it could to put smiles on the faces of the children.

According to her, “Make A Mark International” organization was established two years ago under her initiative with a mind set to identify with the needy, especially children by using their hands to help them in every way possible.

Madam Gill in an exclusive interview with this paper stated that the Organization also has the heart-prints to impact the lives of others and they also intend using their footprints by going into the field to train leaders and share the gospel of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of their beneficiaries.

The head of the delegation said since the establishment of the Organization, her team has succeeded in motivating the minds of children in Canada and Africa, some of whom are now using their God-given talents to make meaningful contributions in their surroundings and societies.

Madam Gill said her team is expected to visit the Schools of the Blind and Deaf this week to also distribute gifts to the students and to assure them that they are special in society and that someone somewhere is thinking about them too.

While in the country, madam Gill said that her team has visited some of the counties, where they held conferences with different women’s groups and also shared the word of God with them. She said the team as part of its initiative renovated the Assemblies of God Bible College in Brewerville and donated several chairs to the administration. She added that the renovation of the Bible College, especially the Chapel has given the campus a facelift.

Madam Gill explained that her organization is not limited to one group, instead they do provide assistance to every needy group since that is their objective to use their hands to help, use their footprints to follow and to provide assistance in training and motivating others, something they believe that would make the world a better place.

Madam Gill who expressed her desire to visit the country again said, “I just love the people of Liberia and I am so glad that the people are happy and that the country now has peace after their bitter experience during the crisis.”