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Fire Guts Apartment In Sinkor

A three-bedroom apartment on 13th Street was yesterday engulfed by fire due to electrical fault leaving the dwellers without salvaging anything.

Speaking with neighbors and some bystanders, The INQUIRER was told that the fire started when the current which usually fluctuates came on with intensity.  According to Mr. Jackson Mason, an eyewitness said he heard people shouting trying to alert the dwellers that the house was on fire.

He said when he got out of his compound to see what was going on he saw his neighbor, Mr. David Fumba and his family trying to take some of their possessions out of the blazing house. Mr. Mason said they tried to help but it was too late because the fire intensified with the aid of the nearby sea breeze.

He also attributed the late arrival of the fire service truck at the scene and apart from that there was no way possible for them to help retrieve some of the occupats’ possessions, and all they could do was to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to the other apartments.

Meanwhile, some residents of 13th Street are blaming the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) for not doing a good job in the country because they have failed to put into place a regulatory mechanism that could control the use of electricity in the city.



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