Grand Kru Lawmakers Accused…For Conflicting Reports

By Jefferson D.Tweh

Some Grand Kru County lawmakers have been accused of giving conflicting and verbal reports to citizens of Forpoh residing in Monrovia, about Atlantic Resources, a company operating in the county.

Information about the operation of the company in the county especially Forpoh District where the company is felling and shipping logs weekly without building roads, schools, and hospitals for the people was not highlighted by the lawmakers.

Recently, two of Grand Kru County lawmakers, Senator Peter S. Coleman and Representative Numene Bartekwa reportedly gave ambiguous verbal reports to Forpoh District citizens residing in Monrovia and its environs.

In their reports, the lawmaker told the citizens that Atlantic Resource Company is working hard and roads have connected to many parts of Grand Kru County with the exception of Jloh and Nifa communities.

According to information, the two lawmakers bitterly refused to tell the Forpoh citizens what is in the Social Agreement and how much money Atlantic Resource gives as Social Development Fund (SDF) for Forpoh District but instead told the citizens to cooperate with the company at all times.

Senator Coleman informed the citizens that the county Legislative Caucus had 25 meetings with Atlantic Resources on the road issues but he failed to explain the outcome of the meetings the caucus had with the company as to whether it was in the interest of the people or for their personal aggrandizement.

A citizen of Forpoh District who visited the county recently, Mr. Gabriel  The, said information provided by Sen. Coleman and Rep. Bartekwa about Atlantic Resource’s  building of a road in Parluken is untrue and misleading.

Mr. Teh disclosed that Atlantic Resource only carried some yellow machines and cleared the road in Parluken but the company is yet to construct any road in the district.

An official of government working in Grand Kru County told this paper via mobile that Sen. Peter Coleman and Rep. Bartekwa did not say the truth relative to the operation of Atlantic Resource to the Forpoh citizens residing in Monrovia, because the company did not build any road in Parluken but only cleared the road with yellow machine.

At the same time, the Chairman of Atlantic Resource, Mr. Alex Fannoh, alleged that Rep. Numene Bartekwa and Sen. Coleman received brown envelops from Atlantic Resource and based on that the Caucus paid deaf ears to the plight of the citizens.

Mr. Fannoh further disclosed that he told Atlantic Resource Company to suspend its operation and build roads, schools, and hospitals in the districts where they are felling the logs but Sen. Coleman and Rep. Bartekwa encouraged the company to go ahead with its operation and avoid listening to the ‘noise in the market.’

“Since I was elected as Chairman of Atlantic Resource, the county caucus always undermines my position,” Mr. Fannoh stated.