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Ellen Wants Liberians To Be Positive In Their Talk

By Melissa Chea-Annan

The President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has appealed to Liberians to be positive in their deeds and thoughts.

President Sirleaf who served as special visitor over the weekend at the Center for Promotion of Intellectual Development (CENPID) in Monrovia observed that many Liberians, particularly the youths who participate on Radio Talk-Shows most often say negative things about her administration.

The President admitted that jobs in the country are insufficient to meet the needs of everyone and that is why her administration is putting measures into place to have jobs available for people throughout the country.

President Sirleaf stated further that while it is true that there are no jobs, it is important that the young people be organized to work with her in solving these problems.

“There are no jobs, but if you want us to solve this problem, then you have to work with us to solve it, but if you get on air and start talking that the President is bad then it is not good,” she stated in the Liberian parlance.

President Sirleaf reiterated that Monrovia is not Liberia and that is why her government wants to expand development projects to all of the counties, adding, “We will be taking our county tour and we want for some of you to join us to see what we are doing outside Monrovia.”

The Liberian leader who further appealed to the youths not to talk bad about their country indicated that, “If you go to Ghana, everyone has a problem, but the people are united. You also have to be proud to be a Liberian.”

She also commended Liberians for efforts they made in keeping the peace, adding, “If you had not kept the peace, we won’t be here today. You can’t move forward with grumbling because money is afraid of confusion.”

President Sirleaf clarified that she got her properties from her hard labor for the past 40 years. “For me, I have worked for 40 years in different places. I worked before getting all my properties. You have to work together to make Liberia better,” she added.

The President said once those problems are identified, they can be solved if the people work along with the government.

“Let us identify the problems and work it out together instead of just going on the air and talking bad things about the government. Some of you can talk good things on air but some of you can talk bad things,” she intimated.

President Sirleaf explained that most of her projects have been delayed due to the high cost of electricity. She assured the citizens that efforts are being made to adjust the situation.

Commenting on her officials, President Sirleaf said she doesn’t protect her officials when they go wrong, instead she has observed that Liberians always have problem with people who are doing the right thing and will do all they (Liberians) can to bring those people down.

She assured the people that if anyone provides evidence that her officials are in the wrong, she will take action.







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