Security Agencies Stress Cooperation

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Security agencies in the country have stressed the importance of cooperation for the sustainability of peace and tranquility in the country.

High ranking officers from the Ministry of National Defense, Liberia National Police, Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization, Executive Protection Unit (EPS), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and others at the 57th Symposium of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) held in Monrovia, have agreed that the only way to sustain peace in the country is to coordinate, cooperate and collaborate in their operations.

Anthony Souh, Director of the DEA, reasoned that his agency recognizes that cooperation is the tool for effective functioning of security in every country. Col. Souh said the issue of cooperation amongst security agencies has been lagging in the past thus leading to break down in security operations. He said the essence of national security is to combat crimes in the country that involves every security apparatus in the country.

Othello Warrick, Director of the EPS and Col. Chris Massaquoi, Director of LNP also welcomed the issue of cooperation and vowed to work with other security agencies in the country in protecting the territorial boundaries of Liberia.

In remarks, Representative George Sylvester Mulbah, Chairman on the House Committee on National Security, strongly warned that there will be no extra budgetary allotment for the nurturing of the new Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia.

Serving as one of the panelists at the 57th Armed Force Forces Day Symposium held under the theme, “Inter-Agency Cooperation, Fundamental Necessity for the Security of Liberia, Rep. Mulbah said the National Legislature will not accept any budget that will emerge from the Executive Branch of Government after the commissioning of the new Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL).

He said after the commissioning of the Chief of Staff who was designated by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf no one should create any office to bring in a foreigner as Adviser to the new Chief of Staff because the President and her Security Adviser and other stakeholders know that the person designated to serve as Chief of Staff of the AFL is qualified to occupy the position.

The Bong County lawmaker said the President and other security personnel know that the credentials of those designated are convincing and therefore any attempt to bring in a foreigner to nurture the Chief of Staff of the AFL will not be honored by the Legislature.

Prior to the appointment of a new Chief of Staff of the AFL, a Nigerian has been serving as Commanding Officer in Charge of the AFL over the past six years. But Rep. Mulbah feared that the government will want to create another office at the Ministry of national Defense to bring in another foreigner to serve as Adviser to the young Chief of Staff.

February 11 is set aside each year as Armed Forces Day to honor officers and enlisted personnel of the AFL as well as men and women who have made enormous contributions in defense of the country. As part of the Armed Forces Day celebration, the symposium yesterday was to showcase some aspects of AFL’s professionalism, performances and exploits to the general public as part of its effort as strengthening the security pillar towards the overall nation building.

The symposium sought to obtain views from wider and broader perspective on the management of national security as a way of providing solutions to the contemporary security challenges of the 21st century.