Cooperation Is Necessary In The Security Sector

YESTERDAY, AT A well-attended Symposium organized under the aegis of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) as part of its Armed Force Day celebration, heads of several security agencies in the country stressed the importance of cooperation amongst the various agencies for the sustainability of peace and tranquility in the country.

MANY OF THE high ranking security heads said cooperation and coordination of security activities amongst the agencies is the only way to sustain peace in the country and have therefore pledged their commitment to doing so.

ONE OF THE speakers, Col. Anthony Souh, Director of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) reasoned that his agency recognizes that cooperation is the tool for effective functioning of security in every country. Col. Souh said the issue of cooperation amongst security agencies has been lagging in the past thus leading to breakdown in security operations. He said the essence of national security is to combat crimes in the country that involves every security apparatus in the country.

MR. OTHELLO WARRICK, Director of the EPS and Col. Chris Massaquoi, Director of LNP also welcomed the issue of cooperation and vowed to work with other security agencies in the country in protecting the territorial boundaries of Liberia.

THESE ARE ALL encouraging remarks by the country’s security heads because without cooperation nothing can be coordinated in the security sector and there will be a complete breakdown of security. The issue of cooperation amongst security institutions is very essential because this will guarantee national security and the protection of lives and properties.

THAT IS WHY we are commending the Armed Forces of Liberia for organizing such informative forum intended to address the security situation of the country because without coordinated security activities in the country there will be chaos and breakdown of law and order in the country.

WHEN THERE IS cooperation in the security sector especially state security, there will be the avoidance of the duplication of function. This will also enhance national security and the adherence to the rules of law. The fact remains that all of the state securities are working for the same government and therefore must coordinate their operations.

THIS SYMPOSIUM ON the security sector organized by the AFL, we believe will definitely strengthen the security pillar towards the overall nation building following years of civil upheaval that devastated every fabric of our dear country including the security sector which was hard hit.

THIS SYMPOSIUM MUST not only seek to obtain views from wider and broader perspective on the management of national security as a way of providing solutions to the contemporary security challenges of the 21st century but also avoid the issue of duplication and working for a common goal of protecting lives and properties.

AGAIN, WE STILL believe that cooperation and coordination are necessary in the security sector so as to avoid the duplication of function and the issue of who is who among their colleagues. Let all the state securities work together in protecting their MAMA LIBERIA,common patrimony, which is  the common denominator we all have as Liberians.