R’Cess Lawmaker Discovers Mistake In Printed Budget

Rivercess County Representative, Francis Paye, has discovered what he calls some discrepancies in the Fiscal Year 2013/14 Citizen’s Guide to the National Budget.

The lawmaker is therefore seeking clarification on the publication as many of the things allotted under Rivercess County were put under River Gee County in the document which was distributed to members of the National Legislature on Monday when President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf delivered her State of the Nation address to the 3rd Session of the 53rd Legislature.

Rep. Paye who walked into the offices of The INQUIRER minutes following the President’s Annual Message said there are discrepancies on page 52 to 55 of the Citizen’s Guide to the National Budget booklet which he received from the Finance Ministry authorities.

“When I received the booklet I immediately went to my county (Rivercess) to get some facts about what has been published and I discovered that all of the things that are under Rivercess County were put on page 55 under River Gee County; these are big discrepancies and I need some clarification on this matter,” Rep. Paye said.

He named some of the things he referred to as discrepancies as the US$732,000 Social Development Funds by concession companies operating in Rivercess which has been placed under River Gee County instead of his county.

Some of the companies listed on page 55 which he said are operating in Rivercess include, Anafarko BLK- 10, Chevron LB12, Chevron LB 11, ICC, LTTC, EJ&J and Amlib. He said all of these companies are operating in Rivercess but were reflected on page 55 under River Gee County.

Meanwhile, Rep. Paye is seeking serious clarification from the printers of the book on whether what has been published is a mistake, an oversight or was intentionally done.