Ellen Talks Tough About NGOs

By Melissa Chea-Annan

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf yesterday, talked tough about local and non- governmental organizations operating in the country.

Accordingly, she said henceforth, these NGOs will be required to submit their report of annual activities to relevant Government’s institutions to ensure that they work in line with Government’s plan.

In her State of Nation Address, President Sirleaf pointed out that Liberia has a total of 997 NGOs, including 874 national 123 international operating throughout the country, but it is unfortunate that in executing their functions, some of them are imbalanced as they lack national and international governance status and rules in transparency.

The Liberian leader explained that these NGOs have seditiously provided services in wide areas of humanitarian assistance and development, with emphasis on democracy and governance, Human Rights, Environment and Natural Resources.

According to President Sirleaf, as her administration strives to rebuild the country, these NGOs must ensure efficiency, transparency and accountability in their delivery of services.

She said they must guarantee a sole entrepreneur framework and information sharing mechanism between the government and the institution they represent.

President Sirleaf stated that these NGOs disclose and report to the Government of Liberia the details of their donors’ funds and that these funds must be deposited in a separate account in a bank operating in the country.