Rep. Lawrence 2nd Legislative Annual Report Condemned

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The Representative of Electoral District #15 Montserrado County, Adolph A. Lawrence has given his 2nd Legislative Annual Report to residents of District #15 but a youth described the report as bogus.    Representative Lawrence reported how his office has engaged the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) to sponsor 301 Elementary Teachers Workshop in the District and those teachers have benefited from the basic training skills workshop which was held at Boatswain Elementary and Junior High School, St. Matthew High School and Caldwell.

Representative Lawrence explained that some people complained that in the District, electricity has not been available in all the various communities within the district. He said right now, the district has changed in three months and his office will continue to engage the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) to plant more light poles and supply electricity to every community within the District.

The Jaba Town Community consists of 250 households but that community lacks safe drinking water despite its location close to the main road. The district representative said the LWSC sent technicians in that area and the technicians estimated the cost to more than US$3,000, an amount his office is committed to providing to help provide safe drinking water for Jaba Town.

“My office was very instrumental in securing LD1.5 million Loan from Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) to be given to needy residents in the district and that said amount was put on supervision by a loan committee but there were some problems of mismanagement of the funds. People have started paying the money back to the district and 65% of the money has been paid so far.

Representative Lawrence stated that he will not rest until all the money given out be paid back into the district fund because there are also some needy residents in Caldwell and Logan Town who also need help and his office will ensure that the two communities get loans from the Central Bank of Liberia.

Furthermore, Representative Lawrence boasted that he gave LD1.5Million for scholarships to students around and within the district and also provided vehicles and an ambulance.

Representative Lawrence noted that he gave US$1,000 plus 200 gallons of fuel to the Chinese Construction Company for the rehabilitation of Caldwell New Georgia Road and promised to give the balance 250 gallons of fuel to the company.

According to Representative Lawrence, since his induction into office two years ago, District #15 is yet to benefit from County Development Funds (CDF) and Social Development Funds (SDF) because he has been using his personal money to fund some of the projects in the district.

However, the youths of District #15 have described their Representative’s 2nd Legislative Annual Report as bogus.

The Ex-Director of Frontline Majority Press of D-15 Radio Station in Logan Town, Abraham Paasewe alleged that there is no single project implemented in the District by Representative Lawrence and that the report he provided to the people is unbelievable.

Mr. Paasewe said since Representative Lawrence took over the District there has been no change and everything remained the same; no capacity building for the young people in the district but Representative Lawrence presented a report to the people just to fool them that he is working in their interest.

“I am highly disappointed in Representative Lawrence because his regime has brought great shame to the District while some Districts are benefiting from their lawmakers but District #15 is on the road to be ruined,” Mr. Paasewe stated.