LIBA, UNDP Hold Business Dev. W’shop

By Victor C. Hanson,  Jr.

The Liberia Business Association (LIBA) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has conducted a two-day workshop to assist in upgrading the minds of Liberians who are engaged in the business sector.

Speaking at the program held recently at LIBA Incubation Center in Paynesville, LIBA President, Dee-Maxwell S. Kemayah, Sr. said that LIBA has sent dozens of their members out of Liberia for training, because LIBA is to ensure that all Liberian-owned businesses are empowered for the betterment of the country’s economy.

LIBA Boss Kemayah added that LIBA is in the struggle of advocating for Liberian-owned businesses to have a better environment, and for all of them to have equal opportunities within the economic landscape of the country.

Mr. Kemayah expressed that the TOT workshop was intended to upgrade the minds of their members, and in building the capacity of their Liberian-owned businesses with facilitation which has to do with access to finance.

LIBA Boss Kemayah stated further that as they strive relentlessly to take control of the country’s economy, and they cannot do it without ensuring that there is quality service within the range of the business community, and most especially in the Liberian-owned business community.

LIBA Boss Kemayah mentioned that taking over the economy requires a lot more and that there is only one way that they can register their commitment and services by ensuring that the goods and services that they provide are nothing less than quality standard.

Mr. Kemayah intimated that the Liberian-owned businesses have been doing well in paying their taxes according to record that was released, and he also encouraged them to continue the good work by having their tax records always clean.