Fatuma Zinnah Eyes Gbarpolu Senatorial Seat

Fatuma Zinnah Eyes Gbarpolu Senatorial Seat

As the senatorial race heats up, a new face has surfaced among those aspiring for the senatorial seat in Gbarpolu County this year.

Madam Fatuma Zinnah who surfaced among residents vying for that legislative in the county hails from Totoquelle; she is the great grand-daughter of King Sao Bosoe and daughter of Boima Zinnah. In a brief chat with this paper, Madam Zinnah who had been away from Liberia for some time now said her passion had always been in the development of her people and native land.

She said it was due to the civil war that she migrated to the Ivory Coast along with her family and later moved to the United States of America but all her childhood life had been in Totoquelle, Gbarpolu County.

Madam Zinnah who is currently sponsoring about 40 students from the county through the Fatuma Zinnah Scholarship Fund Drive said her ambition is embedded in assisting teenagers who struggle to attain their secondary education.

She said creating an enabling medium through which the dreams and aspirations of Gbarpolu’s future leaders can be realized is what motivated her the most in her drive to contest the legislative seat of the county.

She is said to be sponsoring several students at the University of Liberia in whom she believes will develop their native land under a transparent, inclusive, development-oriented stewardship. Madam Zinnah has also been involved in uniting the youths of the county through other activities.

Among those activities, she organized a tournament under the theme, “Unification for Development” in Totoquelle that brought together residents and that was appreciated by elders including other residents.

However, many political pundits are wondering if Madam Zinnah might survive the waters or whether she is just testing expedition.