Police Needs Logistics For Deployment…Says Dir. Massaquoi At Rotary Program

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The Director of the Liberia National Police (LNP), C. Clarence Massaquoi, has reiterated that the lack of logistics is impeding the deployment of officers throughout the country.

Col. Massaquoi who spoke over the weekend, at a ceremony of the Rotary Club in Monrovia pointed out that the deployment of officers at strategic areas in Monrovia and its environs goes along with logistics, including uniforms, vehicles and other accessories to enable the officers enforce the law.

The Police Boss disclosed that the LNP lacks vehicles and motorbikes to carry out its operations and enforce the traffic regulations.

“There are statutory regulations on the books regarding traffic regulations, usage, congestion and control but LNP and the General public face many challenges as they relate to traffic regulations, limited road networks especially in the capital city of Monrovia and 1.5 million people occupying limited land space according to statistics ,”Col. Massaquoi averred.

The Police Director also observed that many motorists and or motorcyclists don’t have the basic driving skills or training as they ply the streets, something that leads to accidents, due to reckless driving.

He said some drivers do ply the streets with defective vehicles in violation of section 10.4, 10.5 and 10.45 of the vehicle and traffic law of the Republic of Liberia and most often fail to give way to emergency vehicles like ambulances and police marked vehicles.

According to Col. Massaquoi, the road expansion and construction of new roads will play a pivotal role to help the LNP regulate traffic in Liberia, especially in Monrovia.

“There is a need that we train more traffic police officers and equip them with the necessary working tools in other to enhance their work and provide them with uniforms,” Col. Massaquoi noted.

The Police Director explained that the goals and objectives of the LNP for 2014 is tied in the national goals of the government in terms of infrastructural development, training, increase of budgetary allotment and manpower development.

“The LNP budget is very small but we continue to seek legislative support to uplift the Liberia National Police Training Academy to a Junior College level to afford our officers who are high school graduates to enter professional college education in policing,” Col. Massaquoi intimated.

Additionally, he said the increment in the police budget will help the officers get their badges, uniforms and other accessories to enhance their work professionally at all times.

Col. Massaquoi said, “Recently, we embarked on the monitoring of our officers on their assignments in the field and during that time, several officers were found and arrested for roaming or loitering. Some of the officers who were arrested are serving suspension and dismissed for various offenses.”