Death During Power Theft

By Jefferson D.Tweh

Under the cover of darkness, a man believed to be 28 years old who attempted to carry out an illegal connection in the Borough of New kru Town yesterday morning was electrocuted.  The man, only identified as Akoi was found hanging up-side down on a high tension wire without shoes and dressed in a pair of shorts and a red-stripped shirt.

The scene, which drew the attention of residents and by-passers on that fateful day in the community, was pathetic as the right foot of the dangling body of the victim was entangled as though it were a trap set for some animals.

An eyewitness account said prior to the incident, the Management of the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) visited the community and disconnected some lines   that were illegally connected by some of the residents.

According to the eyewitness, the disconnection by LEC provoked Akoi who had earlier supplied the current to those residents illegally, and so he returned to the pole on Saturday night to reconnect the wires illegally, since he had already received some cash from his customers.

Another eyewitness, Tete Fannoh Turlay expressed dissatisfaction over the stealing of current by young people. She said some of the young people who are residents of Nyemapatu community are in the constant habit of circumventing the legal process to have them connected and prefer resorting to illegal connections.neighbors burst it opened and let her out.

The eyewitness said, “My brother let me tell you something; this man was always in the habit of stealing current at night while we are asleep.”

In a related development, a source believed to be Akoi’s neighbor revealed that prior to his climbing on the pole, Mr. Akoi received a call from some of his numerous customers that their lines had been disconnected and so he was needed immediately to reconnect their lines since they couldn’t afford sleeping in the dark.

The source further explained that after receiving the call at that time of the night, Akoi’s fiancée (name withheld) warned him not to venture anywhere, but he (Akoi) lied to his fiancé that he was going to the kitchen for something.

In the process of going to the kitchen, our source said Akoi locked his fiancée up in their bedroom with the hope of returning in a short time after his illegal commitment.

Our source said, after Akoi was discovered dead, friends of his fiancée rushed to give the information, unfortunately, she was locked up in the room and so the people burst the door open and let her out.