SSF Rubbishes Media Report

“The Management of SSF Entrepreneur Inc., a local road construction company partnering with the Government of Liberia in its ongoing reconstruction of the country ravaged infrastructure, says it is shocked and stunned by the scores of concocted media reports in recent time diabolically insinuating that the company is dealing clandestinely.

“SSF says its attention is sadly drawn to series of reports carried in the In Profile Daily newspaper shamefully indicating that the company has colluded with officials of the Ministry of Public Works to extort and expropriate the Liberian Government through the awarding of fake road contracts across the country.

“The reports averred that the amount in debt the Company claims the Government owes it for road works done across the country are false and a shady attempt to cheat  and siphon the national treasury.

“Here are the facts; that SSF deals with the Liberian Government and people in good faith and will continue to do that in keeping with its operational rules. That all of the contracts awarded the company were legitimate and followed all of the necessary transparency regimes on the Liberian books and that SSF has no interest whatsoever in engaging into fake arrangement as the company has since distinguished and exemplified its self by the excellent manner in which it has conducted business in Liberia over the years. Henceforth, the company challenges its accusers to prove the contrary.

“SSF says the barrage of erroneous, fallacious, misleading and ill-intended publications is certainly a financed-effort to blemish the enviable reputation of the company but believes such venture will yield no results as the Company character stands taller and firmer than the mere fishing expedition these news papers have irresponsibly embarked on.

“Finally, SSF wishes to renew its commitment to the Government and People of Liberia for remaining a responsible partner in the effort to rebuild the country and will do nothing on the contrary to injure such lofty partnership. The  Company would like to inform the blackmailers that its team of lawyers are currently determining the gravity of damage such malicious wave of publications have caused the reputation of SSF and where necessary, legal action(s) will be taken,” a press release issued yesterday said.