Citizens Group Wants Lofa Crowded Field Reduced

The Concerned Lofa Organization For The Protection of Wologizi has called on Lofaians to reduce the crowded playing field in the pending senatorial race in Lofa County.    Numbers of people from the county have manifested their interest to aspire for the seat that is to be vacated by the sitting Senator Sumo Coupe.

The organization in a release issued on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 in Monrovia said to reduce the over crowdedness would provide electorates to have a chance to select who can properly represent them in the position that they have been seriously discouraged about for the past eight years now, which came as the result of the poor performance of Senator Sumo Coupe.

“We want to suggest seven candidates or five; representing the seven districts would be preferable as a means of creating an opportunity for voters to choose properly. However, we also want to say clearly that the election in Lofa will not be like people coming in with little or no environmental taste for residents of the county. By this we are not looking for people who claim to be technocrats but persons who are people-oriented or sensitive,” the group said.

The citizen’s group said in the case of Senator Sumo Coupe who has served as Senator for nearly nine years now and nothing can be shown that he is people centered, rather than his house in Fissibu that is at the exclusion of the people in that town.

In a related development the concerned Lofa Organization for Protection of Wologizi has categorically warned the former Auditor General, John Morlu to stay out of Lofa politics.

Front page Africa in its January 12, 2013 edition a story title “tribal Politics in Lofa” highlighted that Mr. John Morlu could be a candidate during the 2014 special election.

“We want to say that Mr. Morlu is a complete stranger in the body politics of Lofa who has not made any impact in the county. We think that it will be very important for Morlu to be thinking about joining other development agenda of the county instead of his getting involved in this year’s senatorial election in which he would not make any impact,” the group said.

They disclosed  further that there are other potential persons like Steve Zargo, Cllr. Joseph Jallah, and Stanley Kpaklen who have made very positive impact in the county among many others rather than a “stranger” like Mr. Morlu who is unknown.

The release said Lofaians are committed people that are obliviously aware of the leadership problem that county faces the group noted. The group has therefore called on all Lofaians to beware of strangers in the upcoming election.