‘We Did Our Best’…Says Pro-Temp. Findley, Seeks God’s Intervention For Re-election

'We Did Our Best'...Says Pro-Temp. Findley, Seeks God's Intervention For Re-election

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

Ahead of the October 14, 2014 pending special senatorial election, Grand Bassa County Senator and President Pro-tempore of the Senate, Gbehzongar M. Findley, has showered praises on himself and 13 of his colleagues who are seeking re-election but initially called on God Almighty to intervene in the process so that they would be re-elected to serve the Liberian people once more.

“Let us go forth and campaign to come back and serve the Liberian people. I will pray for you and do hope you pray for me too so that we can come back here,” Findley said.

Speaking at the 1st day sitting of the 3rd session of the Liberian Senate, Pro-tempore Findley described 2014 as a critical year for the Senate but assured Liberians that the re-election bid of the 14 Senators will be vigorously pursued void of interruptions of service for and to the people of the country.

The Grand Bassa Senator recalled that during the last session in 2013, there were a total of 62 legislations passed; 22 of the total bills and ratifications submitted for presidential approval; 19 bills concurred with the House of Representatives; 11 bills passed seeking the House of Representatives’ concurrence. He added that the Senate’s record shows 65 bills still remaining in committee rooms.

He promised that advocacies for the people remain on course and the Senate will continue to advocate for the wellbeing and livelihood of the various constituents. Senator Findley reminded his colleagues that the three cardinal functions of the Legislature will be equally and even more vigorously executed. Those functions include; law making, oversight, and representation.

The Pro-tempore indicated that in spite of the pending election in October 2014, all 14 Senators seeking re-election will carry out their legislative responsibilities up to January 2015.

“We can assure Liberians that we will not put aside the work they have given us because of election but will ensure that the work of the Liberians is done. Let me assure you that what is appropriated will be used for the intended purpose,” Pro-tempore Findley asserted.

In conclusion, Senator Findley lauded international partners accredited at the Capitol Building to witness Legislative debates for their supports but advised them to always consult the leadership of the Senate for approval before undertaking any capacity building workshop or seminar.