Several CSOs Defend SSF…Refute Media Report

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia, a conglomeration of seven (7) civil society groups duly operating in the country, has elected to direct its attention to a news story headline in the In Profile daily Newspaper with caption “Does GOL Owe SSF US$40m?”.

In the story, the newspaper chose to dabble in insinuation that there is a clandestine deal with some officials of the Ministry of Public Works and the company which obligates the Government of Liberia to the company.

Interestingly, the paper claims further that the contracts with SSF and the Government did not meet the approval of requisite agencies of government.

In a release under the signature of the National Chairman of the Coalition, Mr. Alfred C. Tugbeh, the Coalition is constrained to erect some checkpoints to this baseless, unprofessional, and merely insensitive reportage on the part of the In Profile daily newspaper.

“It is highly unthinkable that the government of Liberia will commit itself to contracts with a particular company, in this case SSF, that border on millions of United States Dollars without exercising due diligence and soliciting the consent of authorities responsible like the Justice Ministry and the Ministry of Finance as blindly and ignorantly proffered by the paper,” Mr. Tugbeh stated.

“As a responsible movement that tracks the daily operations of line ministries and agencies and others in the private sector, they can vouch for the credibility of SSF as a responsible partner to the development drive of this country. This company has committed itself to doing extra-terrestrial services everywhere it has work in the country, which is why they have largely won the confidence of the Liberian people in this partnership to rebuild our war torn country,” he added.

We encourage the leadership of the Press Union of Liberia under this new leadership to muster the robustness in restoring professionalism to the media sphere, while we entreat the In Profile Daily newspaper to live above mediocrity in the performance of their duties. The Coalition warns that in this New Year, it will be more forceful in bringing to book those who are only bent on tarnishing the high earned reputation of responsible characters who are working tirelessly to restore the lost image of the state through infrastructural development like the SSF Company,” Mr. Tugbeh indicated.