Liberia Peace Foundation To Be Launched Soon

By Antoinette Sendolo

The Liberia Humanitarian Education and Peace Foundation is expected to be launched with the aim of allowing every Liberian participate in the promotion of peace in the country.

The founder and Acting Executive Director of the peace foundation, Francis Collins, said the civil unrest in the country left several persons vulnerable and unwilling to forgive and forget the past.

Mr. Collins in an interview with this paper said that the foundation will work to bring together Liberians beginning with the families of three of Liberia’s former Presidents; Charles Taylor, Samuel K. Doe and William R. Tolbert in a peaceful manner in order to begin the reconciliation process.

The Liberia Peace Foundation which is currently working with five outstanding members focuses its works around creating awareness on how peace can be maintained in Liberia and also concentrates on charity work for the less fortunate people across the country.

The foundation also seeks to extend its operation throughout the length and breadth of Liberia addressing those conflict sensitive issues which threaten the fragile peace that the people of Liberia are enjoying.

Liberia Humanitarian Education and Peace Foundation aims at providing a peaceful environment for people affected by the war and other Liberians across the country in order to have a lasting peace in Liberia.

Meanwhile, the Acting Executive Director noted that Liberia is yet to have the kind of peace she deserves as a country therefore; it is prudent enough for every Liberian to join hands in improving and protecting the country’s peace.

He then called on well-meaning Liberians to contribute financially and morally in helping the foundation achieve her goals but warned that the foundation is not going to be bought by politicians for any political interest.

Mr. Collins asserted that the Peace Foundation is a non-profit and non-political foundation therefore anyone desirous of sponsoring it should be willing to do so without any expectation of getting support during elections.

The Liberia Humanitarian Education and Peace Foundation is a non-governmental organization which was created and inspired by the personal and professional experiences and vision of Mr. Francis Collins to promote and facilitate activities and initiatives aimed at promoting peace and reconciliation through the holistic participation of local communities.