Technology Column/ Hisense VIDAA TV to Become Available in the United States

Las Vegas, USA, Jan. 6th, 2014 — Hisense announced at its Press Conference on January 6th that the company will officially roll out VIDAA TV, an internet-based television set, in the North American market in March through the company’s main distribution channels in the Unfted States.

“Smart TV will offer Hisense an opportunity to achieve its goal of being among the world’s top three,” said Lin Lan, Vice President at Hisense International. His reasoning is based on market research showing that the household penetration rate of smart TVs in the United States has only reached 20%. The low penetration rate is due to the complexity of operating such TV sets, making the large slice of the US population who prefer simple operations. The same market research shows 45% of American households planning to buy a new TV set and, in two years, 42% of those purchases being for a smart version. “This is an opportunity for us. So far no easy-to-operate smart TV set has made its appearance in the American market, and Apple has not yet launched its product. Any technology that is problematic for the vast majority of users is certainly not well conceived. The benefit of VIDAA is that it is easy to use, a major selling point in the US market ,“ Lin said. Lin emphasized that he has high expectations for the market performance of the VIDAA TV set.

The Hisense VIDAA displayed at CES features four basic function keys, allowing for a quick and seamless switch between live TV and internet video. The technology was developed by the Canada-based technical team acquired by Hisense. “The innovative technology behind VIDAA focuses on intelligent yet simple human-computer interaction and is the result of Hisens&s innovative thinking about the internet. This price-competitive product will help the company to rapidly build and expand its presence in the U.S. market,” said Chris Tyghe, marketing manager at Hisense

VIDAA TV has been widely accepted by consumers across China with sales having exceeded 1 million units in the eight months since the product’s initial launch in that market. Over 95 percent of VIDAA TV’s buyers have activated VIDAA’s internet services with Internet service usage level through the set also exceeding 95 percent.