All Must Exercise Restraint

AS THE UNIVERSITY of Liberia, the only state owned institution of higher learning continue to be closed owing to demands being made for the resignation of the UL Vice President for Academic Affairs,  President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has asked the Broad of Trustees of the University of Liberia to ‘meet’ on the ongoing crisis at the nation’s highest institution of learning.

PRESIDENTIAL PRESS SECRETARY, Jerolinmek Piah, told the INQUIRER on Tuesday that following the meeting of the board, it will then report its findings to the President, who is the Visitor to the University.       The press secretary said following the board’s report to the President on the situation on the campus that has resulted to the suspension of normal academic activities, the President will then make a formal address to the nation.

ON WHETHER THE President gave any time limit to the board in meeting on the crisis, Mr. Piah simply said that the matter is being treated with urgency.

IN RECENT TIME, normal academic activities at the University of Liberia came to a standstill after the Faculty Association, headed by Clifford Young announced a ”disengagement” protest action at the institution until certain demands are met.

ON MONDAY OF last week at a well attended meeting on the main campus of the university on Capitol Hill, the faculty again, reinforced its earlier decision of not attending classes until its demands are met.

THE ASSOCIATION, AMONG other things is demanding the increment in salaries, reinstatement of instructors who were illegally dismissed and the immediate dismissal of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Weade Elliott Brownell. The UL faculty in November last year, announced the disengagement protest action at the institution, a situation that led to violent students’ protest on the two campuses of the institution and resulted to the suspension of classes by the university.

IT WAS ALSO reported that during the students’ protest on the university’s Fendell campus, the home of the vice president was looted and because of what happened on the campus, President Sirleaf boycotted the commencement exercise of the institution last December at the SKD Sports Complex.

HOWEVER, AS A means of settling the dust, we urge all parties involved in this crisis to dialogue and find an amicable resolution to the crisis which led to the suspension of classes at the University for some time now. We equally urge all involved to ‘give and take’ during the dialoguing process.

NOW THAT THE Visitor to the University, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has asked the University’s Board of Trustees to meet on the matter and make a report to her office, all parties to the crisis including students, faculty and the University administration should exercise restraint and maturely deal with the issue in a way that will promote peace and proper understanding in ending the crisis. By so doing, the Board of Trustees will have time to seriously put the issues on the table and soberly deal with them for the resumption normal academic activities at the university.