Acid Victim Appeals For Help

Mr. Emmanuel Kollie, a victim of acid water poured on him last year in the Firestone Plantation, is earnestly calling on goodwill people to go to his aid and enable him receive an intensive medical attention to have his wounds healed.

Mr. Kollie told the INQUIRER that since a Firestone PPD Commander, Nathaniel S. Tamba, wasted the acid water on him on September 28, 2013; he has being using his limited resources to treat himself. “I have run out of money and need the help of Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) to get further treatment,” Mr. Kollie said.

The acid victim also appealed to the Government of Liberia (GOL), President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and other philanthropists to assist him get treatment even though Firestone has done nothing to help him and the others who were victimized.

Mr. Kollie said things have been difficult with him since the incident and as such he was constraint to appeal to President Sirleaf and other humanitarian groups to come to his aid.

Explaining his ordeal, Mr. Kollie said on the fateful morning of September 28, 2013, he and his colleagues were coming from Division 14 in search of coal sticks when they were arrested by officers of the Firestone Plant Protection Department (PPD).

He said they were subsequently cuffed by the PPD officers after being arrested at about 4:30 a.m. and charged for loitering. “Later another boy who had acid in his bag was arrested and they put him in the car with us,” the acid victim said.

The PPD Officers brought us to their commander, Nathaniel S. Tamba, in Division 17 Camp and reported that they had arrested us but with acid in the other boy’s bag.

“The Commander asked for the acid and he started pouring it on us at about 6:45 a.m. in the presence of onlookers. I got seriously wounded than the boy who had the acid in his bag,” Mr. Kollie narrated.

He said following the incident they were taken to the Duside Hospital where they were given one injection each and discharged but since then he has been treating himself because they were told to treat themselves before going to court.

“I have spent all of my money. Since the incident I have spent over US$500.00 for treatment and things are worsening for me because the lack of money to get further treatment. I am appealing to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and other humanitarians to help me get treatment,” Mr. Kollie told the INQUIRER. The acid victim can be reached at Cell# 0880848487.