NPP Partisans Besiege Headquarters

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Several partisans of the former ruling National Patriotic Party (NPP) late yesterday evening besieged the national Headquarters of the party in Congo Town.

The partisans said their action is in demand of the holding of the Biannual Convention which they accused the Chairman of the party, Theophilus C. Gould of refusing to hold.  Many of the NPP partisans who spoke to this paper in separate interviews at the headquarters of the NPP were seen preparing their tea and bringing a generator which signals that indeed they were prepared to sleep at the headquarters of the party.

Speaking to The INQUIRER, a senior partisan of the NPP, Maryland County Representative, James Biney, claimed that the NPP partisans’ huge presence at the headquarters was to vandalize properties of the party is untrue and meaningless as they have no plan to vandalize their own properties.

Rep. Biney said the presence of officers of the Liberia National Police was a call made by Chairman T.C. Gould informing the police that some aggrieved partisans of the NPP were vandalizing the party headquarters.

He said the true story of the presence of the huge number of partisans of the NPP at the headquarters is in protest of the attempted removal of the County Chairpersons by Chairman T.C. Gould. Rep. Biney said the chairpersons were elected as was done to T.C. Gould and as such, removing them would mean that Gould should also be removed.

On the expulsion of over 20 partisans including the National Executive Committee members of the NPP by Gould, Rep. Biney said the Chairman’s action¬† is a mere joke as it was not done in accordance with the Constitution that governs the NPP.

When spoken to, the embattled Chairman of the NPP T.C. Gould said the presence of police officers at the NPP headquarters is based on threats made by Rep. Biney, Rep. George Mulbah and other expelled senior partisans of the party who have threatened to vandalize the headquarters of the former ruling party.

Chairman Gould said the lawmakers and other partisans broke into the front gate of the party headquarters and attempted attacking some partisans of the NPP. The Chairman who remained in his vehicle during the scuffle said he could not enter his office to protect the properties of the NPP.

He disclosed that the Biannual Convention of the NPP will be held from the 30th of January to the 2nd of February. Gould boasted that he remains the legitimate Chairman of the NPP until the National Convention of the party is subsequently held.

Meanwhile, efforts to mediate in the ongoing crisis by Senator Abel Massalley proved futile because Chairman Gould refused a peace plan reached with some senior partisans of the NPP who were also present at the headquarters. He blamed Gould for the continuous fracas within the NPP saying the issue is about money that is to be paid to the party by TOTAL that is leasing part of the NPP property.

Up to press time, officers of the LNP were pleading with partisans of the NPP to leave the headquarters of the party, but Massalley, Biney, Mulbah and others said it is the right of the partisans to sleep at their party headquarters and that no amount of force could remove them.