No Plan To Close Down Operation…SSF Refutes Reports

The Management of SSF Entrepreneur Incorporated attention has been drawn to series of negative information being spread by some media houses and unscrupulous individuals that the company has gone bankrupt and therefore cannot honour its contractual obligations and responsibilities.

SSF Entrepreneur as a vibrant and result-oriented Liberian construction company is in good institutional and financial standing and as such has no plan of halting or closing down its operations as it is being alleged by detractors.

The company wonders how in the world is it possible that it can leave several projects on-going and close down when these projects are yet to be completed.

“The negative articles and stories in the local dailies about my company is just politics from some competitors and individuals who do not want to see us progress as a serious and focused local company”, said SSF CEO Shawki Fawaz.

A SSF Entrepreneur release issued yesterday said the company remains committed to settling all of the liabilities it owes clients.

“Over the years the 3SF Entrepreneur and the Government have had a very good relationship and at no point have we complained to any media house that the Government has refused to pay us for work already done.

Hence, we view this action as part of a ploy by our detractors to affect the cordial relationship that exists between our company and the government”. Mr. Fawaz intoned.

In a related development, the Management of 8SF is calling on the general public not to believe recent negative and misleading stories being published in some local dailies about its operations in Liberia.

SSF Entrepreneur reiterates its dedication to the people and Government of Liberia in playing a pivotal role in the reconstruction process of the country and remains committed to the full completion of all on-going projects contracted to it by the Government of Liberia.

As a company that believes in the new Liberia, we will continue to invest in the country’s infrastructure sector as evidenced by our new asphalt batching, and rock plants among others; the release concluded.