LP Regrets 2011 Merger With CDC

By Alva Mulbah Wolokolie

After over two years of political transaction, the opposition Liberty Party (LP) has openly registered its disenchantment over the merger with the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) before the 2011 General and Presidential Elections.

It may be recalled that ahead of the 2011 presidential elections, executives of the CDC and the Liberty Party signed a merger and made it official to contest against incumbent President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf during the October 2011 elections.

While the discussion was taking place between George Weah of CDC and Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskin of LP, the Deputy Secretary General of CDC at the time Acarous Gray and an executive member Mulbah K. Morlu vowed to fight to defend the interest of the grassroots of the party to intellectual death describing that it does not represent the aspiration of the CDC.

The two executives also gave their party (CDC) 72 hours ultimatum to withdraw from the process or will have no option but to seek redress at the Supreme Court.

Speaking yesterday during a local talk show held on Truth FM 96.1, the Secretary General of Liberty Party(LP) Jacob Smith told radio listeners that the discussion that led to the merger with the CDC was a waste of time, resources and ideas.

Mr. Smith alleged that Liberty Party’s political leader at the time Cllr. Brumskin bought airplane ticket for Ambassador Weah to come from the United States for discussion concerning the merger.

While the discussion was ongoing, Mr. Smith also disclosed that Messrs Morlu and Gray went to the LP headquarters on the Old Road to inquire from Cllr. Brumskin what was in the merger for them to benefit.

There were accusations and counter accusations of money changing hands among executives of the party and political thinkers felt it came from the LP to secure the merger.

But in a sharp reaction, Mr. Smith admitted that compensation was made and not a bribe as others may have perceived. He could not disclose the exact amount that was disbursed in the process but explained that it was something done to show good partnership.

The LP secretary general also accused the CDC and its political leader George Weah of not being reliable and inconsistent for signing agreements with other opposition political parties but would abruptly renege on the agreement including the Accra agreement, the Democratic Alliance and the Liberty Party.

In a telephone call, Rep. Gray who was then the Deputy Secretary of the CDC denied having any discussion with Cllr. Brumskin on the Old Road and challenged the LP to prove that he (Gray) received money for the merger.