GOL Breaks Ground For Multi-Purpose Community Center Project

By Jefferson D.Tweh

Government of Liberia (GOL), over the weekend broke ground for the St. Paul Bridge Multi-Purpose Community Center project in Electoral District #16, Borough of New Kru Town, Montserrado County.

Giving an overview of the project, the Superintendent of Montserrado County, Madam Florence F. Brandy, disclosed that the project is estimated at US$165,000.00 and that the Multi-Purpose Building will contain offices, conference room and bathrooms.

Madam Brandy said President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf will dedicate the project before leaving for Sinoe County for July 26, 2014 Independence Day Celebration.

“The Multi-Purpose Building will also be used for resource centers and generate money for the Borough of New Kru Town in Electoral District#16 and your Representative Edward S. Forh, and Governor Alice B. Weah will have their offices in the building to facilitate work with you people,” Madam Brandy averred.

Madam Brandy said  at the time she took over as Superintendent of Montserrado County, there was confusion, but  she has since reconciled with the people of Montserrado County, local authorities and lawmakers and right now all of them are working together to make sure that development is initiated in various districts.

According to Madam Brandy, due to the confusion many projects were not implemented in some districts of Montserrado County and those projects might run into 2012 budget allotment because money was earmarked for the districts for developmental purpose.

“We still have 2013/2014 money that we have not touched and passed resolution on; this county has lots of money and right now we are trying to implement those projects,” Madam Brandy explained.

“Remember that  the Multi-Purpose Building is not for Representatives, Superintendents and  Governors but for you the community people, so cooperate with the contractor to carry on the project because we want this project to finish  before July 26,2014,” Madam Brandy  admonished the community people.

Meanwhile, Madam Brandy explained that there is no logistics, and empowerment for commissioners and some local authorities but she has promised to seek the interest of local authorities in Montserrado County.

Representative of District #16, Montserrado County, Edward S. Forh disclosed that in the first resolution of Montserrado County Development Funds (CDF) each district had US$151,900.00 and second resolution each district also had US$60,000.00.

Representative Forh said the Multi-Purpose Building will be used for graduation programs, weddings, and community meeting place and the balance money will be used to build children’s playground, sport stadium and children’s hospital on the five acres land.

“Few years back, we had a special meeting on the same County Development Funds (CDF) when this district was #12 and during the meeting, as Representative I felt that project coming in our district must be tangible, big and visible,” Rep. Forh said.

Rep. Forh explained that District #16 was divided into two developmental blocks; Central New Kru Town Block and the St. Paul Bridge Block and four years ago, the people of St. Paul Bridge agreed that the first Town Hut be constructed in Central New Kru Town Block, predicated upon the decision, the Town Hut was built in Central New Kru Town Block.

“Today the Central New Kru Town Block has agreed to support the St. Paul Bridge Block for this county development project; you can see Madam Superintendent that we are a united district, and we are also trustworthy and keep our promises with each other,” Rep. Forh intimated.

Meanwhile, Acting Chairman of the St. Paul Bridge Community, Mr. Arthur Gray, has congratulated Superintendent Florence F. Brandy and Representative Edward S. Forh for the great project initiated in their community.