We Await The EPS Probe

THE AUTHORITY OF the Executive Mansion elite guards, the Executive Protection Service (EPS) says it will probe the humiliation of Police Director, Chris C. Massaquoi.

OVER THE WEEKEND, Col. Chris C. Massaquoi was visibly seen denied by the EPS from greeting his boss, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf at the compound of the Monrovia Central Prison, a situation which the EPS has expressed its regret for.

IN A RELEASE issued on Tuesday, December 24, the EPS Director, Othello Warrack said the EPS has no intent of demeaning any official of government as the Service remains a professional entity that should ensure sanity and dignity.

THE EPS HAS vowed to launch an investigation into the matter to ascertain what occurred at the Monrovia Central Prison.

WHATEVER WAS THE case, we welcome this probe with the mindset that while it might be true that President Sirleaf or her protocol has their own control over the day to day activities as it relates to her movement and who to accompany her, we believe that the Police Director’s presence at the Monrovia Central Prison was equally important as issues relative to those in jail for criminal offences would have been answerable by him upon request.

LIBERIANS ARE QUITE aware that this has never been the case wherein a high ranking officer like the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police as in the case of the Justice Minister would be humiliated in such manner and form that caught the lenses of the cameras to create topic for talk shows or newspaper headlines thereby causing serious embarrassment to the person.

WE ARE INDEED interested in the outcome of the probe as this is the first time that such humiliation has been meted out against a senior government official in the county, an action that has indeed made another history in this generation and tenure of governance.

THE SITUATION WAS quite embarrassing even though the Police Director has told reporters that he did not notice anything of such nature during his tour with the President in the name of ‘saving face’. We believe that the probe is necessary so that non-ranking officers can be guided by their mandate and line of duty.

IT IS SAID that assignment is greater than rank but that was a total embarrassment which cannot and should not be swept under the carpet. Therefore, it is our hope that the outcome of the investigation into the matter will serve as a deterrent if not a punishment for those who carried out such action.

AGAIN, IN AS much as the authority of the EPS has mentioned that an investigation will smear some tomfoolery on the part of its men or the prison guards and that has to be probed to be avoided. We await the outcome of the investigation.