Abeer Pharmaceutical Gets Great Award

Abeer Pharmaceutical Company operating in the country, recently received a great award in Madrid, Spain , by Global Trade Leaders’ Club, for its commitment, achievements  and hardworking in Liberia.

The Administrative Executive of Abeer   Pharmaceutical, Mr. Manish Sadhwani disclosed that the award was received by the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Prem Punjabi and Vice President, Mrs. Nanda Punjabi of Abeer Pharmaceutical, in Madrid, Spain.

Mr. Sadhwani explained that the Management of Abeer Pharmaceutical has presented the award to the employees because through their efforts, commitment and hard-work at the entity got the award.

Meanwhile, the Management of Abeer Pharmaceutical has also given token of appreciation to the employees for the Christmas Season.

Mr. Sadhwani added that the Abeer Pharmaceutical started its operation in Liberia in 1998 and has employed 38 persons including securities, 4 Indians and the rest of the employees are Liberians.

“Over the past years, there has been a good relationship between employees and the management of Abeer Pharmaceutical and the management.

Mr. Sadhwani told this paper that every year; the Management of Abeer Pharmaceutical initiates a party for the employees as an act of appreciating them.

Meanwhile, the Management of Abeer Pharmaceutical has established five branches in Monrovia and its environs with its branches located in Duala, Red-light, Front Street, Catholic Junction and head office at Randall Street.