Police Boss Prevented From Meeting Ellen

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

Police Director, Chris C. Massaquoi was over the weekend prevented from entering the compound of the Monrovia Central Prison to see his boss, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who had gone there to grant executive clemency for some prisoners in prison.    The police boss was denied by President Sirleaf’s Executive Mansion elite guards, the Executive Protection Service from seeing the Liberian leader though no reason was given by the EPS action against the police boss. At the same time, many believed that the action by the EPS is a result of his alleged role in the Ellen Cockrum saga.

The police boss was turned away by the EPS guards and immediately left the scene without making any comment for what seems to be a disgrace on his part. It can be recalled that Col. Massaquoi was secretly recorded by Madam Cockrum allegedly revealing plans by the Liberian Government to have her arrested.

At the same time, Col. Massaquoi has questioned the quality of the sound track denying that the voice on the tape is not his, though many political observers say the voice is undoubtedly his. Recently it was reported that Col. Massaquoi was also denied entering the Fish Market residential area of President Sirleaf.

But political pundits say the best thing for Pres. Sirleaf to do is to dismiss Col. Massaquoi instead of denying him from participating in government functionaries.