Let’s Campaign For Quality Education

DURING THE WEEKEND, the GBOWEE Foundation which is the brain child of Nobel laureate, Lyman Gbowee initiated serious awareness for quality education in the country. Held in Congo Town, the program brought together several participants including women, children, men and the media. It was specifically designed to boost the efforts of the foundation in ensuring that quality education is needed in the country that had suffered years of civil war and decades and decades of under-development.

THE GBOWEE FOUNDATION, a humanitarian and educational institution amongst other things has championed the fight for quality education in Liberia and according to several Liberians at the program and several individuals who attended the ceremony were encouraged by the high turn-out and were optimistic that such a dream by the Gbowee Foundation would go a long way in assisting the country’s educational system recover from what had been dubbed as “a mess”.

THE PARTICIPANTS WHO attended the ceremony in separate interview expressed great motivation and consider themselves as ambassadors of peace and also hope to embrace the fight for a good and quality education for their Liberian children who they believe deserve the best needed quality education to be on par with countries in the sub-region and the world at large. The Executive Director of GBOWEE Foundation, W. E. Saydee- Tarr, lauded the Liberian people for their enthusiasm demonstrated in pursuing the fight for quality education which he said is the future of the Liberian society which is predominantly school-going children.

THE GBOWEE FOUNDATION Executive Director assured the Liberian children through the hundreds of participants at the program that the Foundation’s paramount aim is to ensure that all Liberian children acquire sound meaningful education. For her part, Nobel Laureate, Leymah Gbowee, extended thanks and appreciation to the Liberian Government and other partners for their support in seeing that the Liberian children get better education.

THE GBOWEE PEACE Foundation Africa (GPFA) climaxed the awareness on Saturday by hosting its Second Annual Breakfast, Walk N Talk; End of the Year program (BWT EOY) under the theme:  “Walk for Quality Education.”

THE EFFORT OF the Gbowee Foundation to create a major awareness for quality education is a welcome move that needs to be emulated by many Liberians and our development partners. This is so because from time to time we continue to hear that the nation’s educational system is in a serious deplorable state and that something must be done to heal the process. With students failing at all level; be it university entrance exams to aptitude tests designed for job placement, every Liberian needs to buttress the effort of the Foundation and make quality education a household issue.

LIBERIA AS A nation must now begin to design those policies that will promote and enhance quality education, bring us on par with our brothers and sisters in the West African sub-region and ensure the proper preparation of the future leaders if our nationhood must be upheld. It is about time policy makers, educationists and the populace begin to join forces in making sure that Liberia rises from the ashes of ignorance and start to burn the torch of quality education.

AS WE CELEBRATE and salute the Gobwee Foundation for this awareness we are also calling on other philanthropists, humanitarians and all well-meaning individuals to begin a campaign aimed at giving Liberia’s future leaders that education required to keep our nation sailing smoothly. Let’s promote quality education and encourage state actors to make the necessary budgetary allocation for the total growth of the country.