Aminata And Sons Unveils Service Station

The Chocolate City Community on the Somalia Drive was  over the weekend given a new look with the unveiling of Aminata and Sons Incorporated state-of-art service station with Vice President Joseph Boakai promising more of Government’s support to the Liberian business community.

Before cutting the ribbon to the new service station, Liberia’s vice President Joseph Boakai described the station as the “pride of Liberia” which has emerged from “a filthy station to a filling station” ready to serve. He said the government is committed to helping Liberians “go into genuine and honest business” stating that each step in any good business should be taken towards improvement.

“When we say only Liberians can build Liberia, this is it. Toure cannot remove this and go anywhere; he has an investment and pays his taxes to Government,” the Vice President said in his comments before launching the new station adding, “Toure, you have made us proud and you have given us reasons to believe in more Liberians”.

The new Aminata Service Station imposingly stands on the Somalia Drive with three pumps containing six electric fuel service pumps. The biggest supermarket of any service station in the area is within the new facility.

For the first time in the country, Aminata and Sons has introduced the “Fuel Filtration Machine”. The machine has the capacity to carry out a thorough cleaning of vehicle fuel tanks. It separates and sucks out water from fuel in the tanks. Slots and particles in vehicle fuel tanks clog and damage the fuel injection system. The filtration machine is built to solve that problem; it has the capacity to dislodge slots and particles from the tank and improve fuel injection system.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony of the station, Mr. Siaka Toure said his company was upgrading its standards and outlook as a result of the constructive criticism from the Liberian people. “You said you were tired of the filthy stations, the old manual hand pumps. You said you were tired of all these and you were asking questions and now we have answered the questions and we have given you what you deserved – quality service stations with modern outlook,” Mr. Toure bragged.

Mr. Toure continued: “The question will be answered in five months on 17th Street, in Tapitta, Ganta and in Smell No taste, adding that Aminata and Sons is ready for quality service and competition in the petroleum business.

He thanked the Government of Liberia for creating the favorable atmosphere for good business that led to the banks believing in them. The Aminata and Sons Chief Executive Officer also extended appreciation to the banking community especially ECOBANK for its support.

At the program a “strategic partnership” agreement between Aminata and Sons and Lonestar Communications Incorporated was entered into. Under the agreement, all Lonestar/MTN services will be promoted and available at all Aminata and Sons Service Stations in Liberia.

The Corporate Communication Executive of Lonestar Communications Incorporated, Dr. Laurent K. Bropleh termed the agreement as a unique opportunity for Lonestar/MTN to take its services across the country adding, “When the largest telecommunication corporation in Liberia enters an agreement with Aminata, it sends a striking wave across Liberia that indeed Liberia is getting better.”

Dr. Bropleh said LCC penned the agreement “to promote and create an economy to improve the lives of the Liberian people”.