Police Boss Reaffirms Commitment To Rule Of Law

The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police Col. Clarence C. Massaquoi has reaffirmed the commitment of the LNP in maintaining law and order in Liberia, which he said is the statutory mandate of the Liberia National Police.

Speaking at the First graduation ceremony of the Liberia National Police College graduates, Director Massaquoi said the induction of College graduates into the LNP was a significant milestone in the history of the police force, to enlist individuals who are all college graduates specializing primarily in Criminal Justice and other related disciplines.

The LNP Boss said the implementation of the program was a clear indication that the LNP is on its way to becoming a high class and fully professional Police Organization that all Liberians can be proud of.

Director Massaquoi maintained that the recruitment, vetting and training of only college graduates, especially those trained in Criminal Justice for enlistment into the Liberia National Police is a pilot program for the provision of jobs for young and qualified Liberians in the field of law enforcement.

He lauded the President of Liberia Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the Minister of Justice Cur, Christiana Tah for what he described as their tireless effort in ensuring the success of the program. The Police Chief stressed that the vision of the President is intended not only to improve the quality of those making up the NEW LNP, but to also enhance the ability of those who have chosen law Enforcement as a profession.

He described the enlistment of the new college graduates into the LNP as an unprecedented milestone in the history of the Liberia National Police in the wake of UNMIL drawdown and called on the government to ensure that the project will continue so as to attain the desire result of transforming the LNP in terms of the quality of service they provide to the people of Liberia.

The Special Corps project is an experiment aimed at shortening the time in preparing one from the stage of recruitment to that of a middle manager or to the rank of an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

He called on the young college graduates to be dutiful and loyal to the country and its people as much is expected of them by President Sirleaf whose vision the project is.

For her part the Deputy Minister of Justice for Codification Cllr. Victoria Sherman Lang who deputized for Justice Minister Christina Tah admonished the Special Corps of the many challenges ahead of them as law enforcers , but called on them to exhibit good character at all times. “ Good character will draw others to you as they seek to follow your example and measure up to your standards, it will allow you to admit when you made a mistake and will give you the resolve to stand against the improper influences that could damage you or the police force”, the Deputy Minister Lang said.

“You graduates are about to embark on a career that is filled with so many great and unique possibilities for you to serve your country with honor and distinction. Cherish this time; make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead of you. Commit yourselves to make a positive difference in the Liberia National Police and the communities you will serve” the Minister said through a proxy.

Ninety Five college graduates over the weekend with difference professional background received certificates of enrollment into the Liberia National Police at a program held at the Liberia National Police Training Academy in Paynesville City outside Monrovia.