Trouble At Ministry Of National Security

Serious trouble is said to be breeding at the Ministry of National Security (MNS) relative to allowance cuts and non-cooperation among officials of that ministry.   A highly placed source told the INQUIRER that due to the unilateral action on the part of the Minister to cut some employees’ allowances without the concern of the Deputy Minister for Operation on one side and the Deputy for Administration on the other nearly resulted to serious altercation in the Ministry last Friday.

According to our source, Minister Samuel Brisbane alleged and unilaterally cut the allowances of the Director for Special Services Directorate, Mr. Gabriel T. Wolo;  the Director for Domestic Counter Intelligence, Mr. James K. Barflan and the Deputy Director for VIP without the knowledge of the Operation and Administration Departments.

This situation according to our source prompted two separate communications, copies of which are in the possession of this paper from the Deputy Minister for Operations and the Deputy Minister for Administration asking the Minister the reason for such cuts.

The situation according to our source has degenerated to the level that Minister Brisbane and his two deputies are not seeing eye to eye and last Friday brought the situation close to the edge when what appeared to be a serious altercation erupted.

Our source further disclosed that the Government of Liberia (GOL) on a monthly basis made available US$11,000 for intelligence operations at the Ministry but there is no such operation going on why the funds cannot be accounted for.

However, when Minister Brisbane was contacted via mobile phone, he denied that such fund in the name of intelligence operations is being provided the Ministry, saying, “We’re not getting that money for Intelligence.”

Minister Brisbane said the problem at the Ministry is being caused by some diabolical and evil- minded individuals who do not come to work and as such do not know who works under them.

Minister Brisbane said according to Civil Service guidelines, only a Minister proper determines who gets allowance. The MNS Minister said because some of these individuals do not show up to work, he decided to deduct their allowances and add same to those who are hard working, saying, “I did not put the money in my pocket but added it to that of those who are committed to work.”

Contrary to the minister’s claim, a letter from the Deputy Minister for Operations addressed to the Deputy Minister for Administration indicated that those affected by the Minister’s action are among those that are hard working.

A day following the telephone interview with the Minister, an unknown caller using 0886133510 called the INQUIRER editor who had interviewed the Minister issuing threats and insults.

The caller frowned on the INQUIRER for calling the Minister for an interview, saying, “Why did you call our minister? We know those who sent you and we will get even with you.” Our investigation continues on the matter.